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"Ensuring security for your transactions"
Due to ever rising costs in education, institutions are leveraging new innovations and reorganizing information processes to more efficiently administer services. Unfortunately, most institutions have computer systems that are not integrated and do not share common databases. Key applications, like student ID and library card management, access control and food service card information are maintained separately. The impacts of this non-compatibility include excessive time and money spent maintaining disparate systems and data input being duplicated multiple times to address different system needs.

As educational institutions make strategic decisions to improve the efficiency of their information management systems, they are integrating their various processing platforms and using one "smart card" to address all these applications.

Solutions for Education Networks
Our Gateway Solutions (traditional dial and IP-based accelerators) are designed to service these organizations by providing a processing architecture which easily supports personalized "smart card" applications, thereby ensuring secure access authorization to specialized classrooms, general building access, libraries and laboratories.

The IP-based Transaction Accelerator, AccessGuard 500T system, is designed to process high-volumes of IP based information queries, which are generated from a "smart card" terminal device. The solution delivers the fundamental security needed to enable safe and reliable transport of sensitive end-user information.

The dial Transaction Gateway (2.5) delivers a specialized software suite that enables fast processing of authorization requests, involving single-session transfer of small amounts of data. The system is designed for maximum reliability, utilizing redundant components, while supporting traffic load-sharing across disparate systems. Also, the Transaction Gateway interfaces with an accounting server, AccessView, which captures access request detail records and network statistics used by administrators for detailed records.

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