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The AccessGuard 500™ system is a compact IP transaction accelerator designed to process secure IP-based transactions in excess of one million per hour. The AccessGuard 500™ system consolidates various functions including security, routing, protocol handling, management and reporting into one condensed solution, while shortening the transaction time to help reduce the transaction cost. It also reduces network operation costs by using the “less secure” public Internet to provide secure transaction connections.

Our AccessGuard 500™ platform employs next generation hardware acceleration encryption engines to achieve the performance required in processing transactions specifically to the financial market. It can also aggregate thousands of persistent and non-persistent Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections and transactions. Another advantage of the AccessGuard 500™ solution is that the management interface is an SNMP-based remote management system. The interface provides robust element event and alarm reporting, configuration management, software download, parameter storage and rapid response to pre-configured events.

The system is also designed to transfer non-financial based transactions including business-to-business verifications, security verifications, point-to-point encryption and a variety of custom applications that require the highest degree of security and efficiency.

The AccessGuard 500™ product is:

Highly Secure
Uses private, embedded SSL processing engine that is not subject to the common vulnerabilities of Open SSL-based solutions. Routes directly to the host server receiving the transaction, enabling SSL encryption to remain in place even after the transaction enters a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Fast “Time-to-Market”
Designed to install in hours, not days. Capacity is expandable via a feature key enable procedure. Releases delivered via software upgrades.
Lowers Cost of Ownership
  Standards-based system delivers high call density in 1U of rack space
Investment Protection
Minimal or no modification required to the existing hosts with full compatibility to existing host application protocols. It can also be used with the currently deployed point-of-sale (POS) terminals.
High Scalability and Redundancy
Offers n+1 redundancy with the five different system models ranging from 32 to 500 EPC transactions per second up to 2,000 concurrent sessions and over 1,200 RSA calculations per second.
Industry Protocol Support
  Supports the latest standards such as Visa I, Visa II, SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0
Highly Versatile System
Integrates SSL processing, protocol-based routing, transaction processing, redundancy and management and reporting on a single solution and effectively reduces the number of network elements.
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