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The Total Control® 1000 Transaction Gateway offers the market a proven processing platform for carrier-class transaction network service providers and enterprises for dial-up connectivity. The gateway enables fast transaction processing of credit card authorizations, debit card fund transfers, health benefit authorizations, electronic benefits transfers, and other communications involving single session transfer of small amounts of data. Transactions over either IP or legacy X.25 networks are supported.

In addition, the transaction gateway speeds transaction times with features such as Fast Connect (reduces or eliminates steps such as alerting, audible ring, billing delay, answer tone, and call termination); and supports transaction protocols such as VISA I/II and Synchronous Data Link Control (speeds calls and reduces traffic to a processing host by up to 50 percent) with full protocol emulation.

The X.25 PAD provides standard X.25 PAD network access between the Total Control® 1000 Transaction Gateway and the X.25 data network and can be configured with non error-correction or error correction protocol over the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). The X.25 PAD operates in a standalone application or a network access application.

Total Control® 1000 has increased density of the Total Control® 1000 Transaction Gateway and the system provides the capacity of 672 T1 DS0 and 630 E1 DS0 ports per transaction gateway.

The Total Control® 1000 Transaction Gateway system provides:

High Reliability
  Redundancy for all critical components means minimal potential downtime
Investment Protection
  System upgrades are highly cost-effective
Highly Efficient Routing
  Optimize transaction load on host, leading to lower transaction costs
Standards Support
  All major financial transaction protocol standards can be emulated, along with PCI DSS compliance
Integrated Management System
  Local and remote monitoring and management, over open Java-based system
High System Flexibility
  Gateway systems scalable to facilitate traffic changes, reducing upfront investment
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