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"Ensuring security for your transactions"
Online purchasing has become a mainstream distribution channel for both retailers and enterprises, often providing an additional point of competitive differentiation. Ubiquitous access to the Internet has greatly expanded the speed and sophistication of the shopping experience. In order to fully leverage the value of this channel’s potential, merchants and suppliers must understand how payment processing systems operate. Although paying for an online purchase takes just a few seconds, it involves a complex chain of events behind the scenes.

What Makes an E-Commerce Solution Possible?
Along with the range of software and hardware that companies use to support the sale of products and services online, there are three vital components that make online purchasing possible:
1. The Shopping Cart
2. Payment Gateway
3. Payment Processor
We are focused on the payment gateway and payment processor elements of the overall e-commerce operations model, which transports the credit card information, receives authorization from the merchant's bank and approves the customer’s payment.

With millions of e-commerce transactions daily, reliability, availability and security are all required to ensure consumer data is transported quickly and securely over the Internet. E-commerce providers are looking for solutions that deliver these elements as well as operational cost savings. Our solution is designed to provide reliability, availability and security with lower cost of ownership for service providers.

Solutions for E-Commerce Networks
The IP-based Transaction Accelerator AccessGuard 500™ system integrates both payment gateway and payment processor functions, reducing operational costs e-commerce network providers. The solution is designed to process high volumes of HTTPS transactions while delivering the fundamental security needed to enable safe and reliable transport over the Internet. The AccessGuard 500™ system ensures speedy processing of transactions by employing encryption aggregation and acceleration of security protocols, with persistent sockets and session reuse. Also, the AccessGuard 500™ system supports all of the major transaction protocols, such as VISA I/II and ISO 8583, while providing an interfacing to an accounting server, AccessView, which captures transaction detail records and network statistics.

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