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The AccessView Accounting Server is an integral part of Traxcom's next generation transaction-processing suite of products. AccessView captures accounting and network statistics from the Transaction Gateway and AccessGuard 500™ System, and then processes and stores them in a database. The data captured by the accounting server supports subscriber billing, transaction recording, report generation, network performance monitoring, and system modeling and measurements.

On a per-customer basis, transaction statistics not only supply the critical data for billing, but also provide information on usage patterns. On a per-transaction basis, transaction statistics provide the granularity required to track performance statistics, and can help pinpoint errant transaction.

The AccessView Accounting server enables the following:

Real-Time Viewing of Data
Real-time data is recorded by the AccessView at the end of each call. Network operators can monitor and build a subscriber summary table using the most recent data. On a system wide basis, transaction statistics can be used for traffic analysis according to the time of day, system components, offered load and transaction routes.
Interface Options
Easy-to-use interface options allow network operators to retrieve, modify, and remove records from the server for performance monitoring, billing, day-to-day maintenance and long-term backup.
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